• Red Wine

    • Domaine Peiriere Pinot Noir (FRANCE)

      750ml £15.95, 250ml £6.50, 175ml £4.55
      Soft, silky and sensuous

    • Paulita Cabernet Sauvignon (CHILE)

      750ml £13.95
      Lovely, ripe cassis flavours and juicy fruitiness

    • Kawin Merlot (CHILE)

      750ml £16.95
      Soft, plummy and rounded

    • Cotes du Rhone Saint-Esprit (FRANCE)

      750ml £19.95, 175ml £4.95, 250ml £6.90
      Elegant and easy drinking, very food friendly

    • De Martino Carmenere (CHILE)

      750ml £18.95
      Leafy spiciness. Like Merlot but with more body.

    • St Emilion Chateau La Fleur Picon (FRANCE)

      750ml £30.00
      Merlot-based Bordeaux blend for those special occasions. Ideal accompaniment to steak.

    • Piedra Negra Malbec (ARGENTINA)

      750ml £20.75, 250ml £7.27, 175ml £4.99
      Brimming with bright fruit and a lingering finish. Made for meat

    • Rioja Crianza Conde Valdemar (SPAIN)

      750ml £22.00
      Mature, spicy and full of flavour

  • White Wine

    • Zagalia Pinot Grigio (ITALY)

      750ml £14.95, 250ml £5.50, 175ml £3.65
      Light, crisp & refreshing

    • Saint Marc Sauvignon Blanc (FRANCE)

      750ml £13.95
      Un-oaked, youthful and fruity

    • Domaine Saint-Maurici Chardonnay (FRANCE)

      750ml £15.95, 175ml £3.89, 250ml £5.65
      Peachy aromas with a crisp finish

    • Ten Rocks Sauvignon Blanc (NEW ZEALAND)

      750ml £20.75, 175ml £4.99, 250ml £7.25
      Intensely fruity and very aromatic

    • Esperanza Verdejo (SPAIN)

      750ml £18.00
      Tangy with a zesty freshness

    • Bradgate Chenin Blanc (SOUTH AFRICA)

      750ml £19.95
      Fruity and very easy-drinking

    • Picpoul de Pinet Saint-Peyre (FRANCE)

      750ml £19.50
      Crisp, fruity and fresh. Great with light dishes or just on its own

    • Macon-Lugny Georges Duboeuf (FRANCE)

      750ml £27.00
      Classic Burgundian white

    • Sancerre La Guiberte (FRANCE)

      750ml £30.00
      Perfect poise and balance

  • Rosé Wine

    • Domaine Peiriere Grenache Rosé (FRANCE)

      750ml £13.95, 250ml £4.90, 175ml £3.50
      Delicate red fruits and refreshing finish

  • Sparkling Wine

    • Jean Pernet Champagne Brut NV (FRANCE)

      750ml £42.00
      Classic, traditional style of Champagne

    • Taittinger Champagne Brut NV (France)

      375ml £29.00
      A classic Champagne in a convenient half size bottle

    • Valdo Prosecco Brut DOC (ITALY)

      750ml £23.00, 125ml £4.20
      Italian sparkler, light and fresh

    • Valdo Prosecco Extra Dry DOC (Italy)

      200ml £6.95
      Cute, single serve option of Veneto fizz