• Craft on Keg

    • Mourne Gold

      4.0% ABV
      A fresh and fruity pale ale which combines lager malt with 10% wheat malt, producing a very pale ale. Made with Continental Brewers Gold hops. (Mourne Mountains Brewery, Warrenpoint, Co Down)

    • Maggie’s Leap

      4.7% ABV
      A formidable India Pale Ale style beer brewed with Australian, New Zealand & American hops. Packed with citrus flavours. (Whitewater Brewery, Attical, Co Down)

    • Heverlee

      4.8% ABV
      Brewed in association with the Abbey of Premontre in Leuven, Belgium, Heverlee delivers a perfect blend. The subtle sweetness created by the malt and maize mash combines with the distinctly bitter aroma of Saaz - the world’s most expensive hop - to create a deliciously refreshing Belgian Pils style beer. (Martens Brewery, Belgium)

    • Krombacher Pils

      4.8 ABV
      Brewed from a traditional recipe using pure mountain spring water, this pure German pilsner has a distinctive, bitter taste and full flavoured aroma. (Kromabacher Brewery, Germany)

    • Farmageddon IPA

      5.5% ABV
      Highly acclaimed US inspired IPA from Comber. We’re proud to be one of the first to feature this award-winning beer on draught. (Farmageddon Brewery, Comber, Co Down)

    • Belfast Lager

      4.5% ABV
      Crisp and full flavoured, this continental style premium lager, brewed with the finest Saaz hops, rich in aroma and taste. (Whitewater Brewery, Attical, Co Down)

    • Scraggy Bay IPA

      5.3% ABV
      Fondly known as ‘Yellowcap’, Scraggy Bay is a balanced golden ale with a snappy little bite of hops. (Kinnegar Brewery, Co Donegal)

    • Hophouse 13 Lager

      5% ABV
      Full flavoured, golden amber lager with a thick, frothy head. Hints of peach and apricot. (Guinness Brewery, St James’s Gate, Dublin)

    • MacIvor’s Cider

      5.8% ABV
      Traditionally made from 100% cold pressed apples in the Orchard County, MacIvor’s award-winning ciders use up to 12 different varieties of apple. (MacIvor’s Cider, Co Armagh)

  • Craft on Bottle

    • Hen Cock and Penguin Rock Red Ale

      4.8% ABV
      A punchy red ale delivering good bittering and aroma hop balance, with ripe berry fruits on the finish. Named after three summits within the Mourne Mountain range. (Whitewater Brewery, Attical, Co Down)

    • Ewe Rebel

      7.0% ABV
      This IPA Heavyweight has a great balance of bittering and hops. The dominant citrus & grapefruit tones come from the American Cascade hop. (Whitewater Brewery, Attical, Co Down)

    • Bee’s Endeavour Golden Ale

      4.8% ABV
      A wonderful golden ale with the flavoursome combination of honey & ginger, gentle warmth to the aftertaste. (Whitewater Brewery, Attical, Co Down)

    • Clotworthy Dobbin Ruby Porter

      5.0% ABV
      A rich ruby porter style beer with lashings of hoppiness and plenty of fruit & toffee on the palate. (Whitewater Brewery, Attical, Co Down)

    • Hoppelhammer Tripled Hop IPA

      6.0% ABV
      A triple-hopped India Pale Ale, delivering upfront American hops and rich fruit flavours. (Whitewater Brewery, Attical, Co Down)

    • Punk IPA

      5.6% ABV
      Layered with new world hops to create an explosion of tropical fruit and an all-out riot of grapefruit, pineapple and lychee before a spiky bitter finish. (Brewdog Brewery, Aberdeenshire, Scotland)

    • Dead Pony Club Pale Ale

      3.8% ABV
      Crafted from an insane amount of US hops, delivering massive citrus aromas of lemongrass and lime zest. (Brewdog Brewery, Aberdeenshire, Scotland)

    • Scraggy Bay IPA

      5.3% ABV
      Fondly known as ‘Yellowcap’, Scraggy Bay is a balanced golden ale with a snappy little bite of hops. (Kinnegar Brewery, Co Donegal)

    • Rustbucket Rye Ale

      5.1% ABV
      A fine balance of rye and barley malt, the spiciness of the rye combines nicely with hops that contribute a citrusy note. (Kinnegar Brewery, Co Donegal)

    • Yannaroddy Porter

      4.8% ABV
      Yannaroddy is rich in traditional dark roasted malt flavours laced with an exotic streak of coconut. (Kinnegar Brewery, Co Donegal)

    • Red Trail Red IPA

      5.5% ABV
      Combines the finest speciality caramalt and crystal malts with roasted barley in the grist. (Mourne Mountains Brewery, Warrenpoint, Co Down)

    • Mourne Mist Pilsner

      4/5% ABV
      Soft brewing water is combined with biscuity, barley malt and the classic Bohemian hop variety, Saaz, for a floral aroma and an earthy bitterness. (Mourne Mountains Brewery, Warrenpoint, Co Down)

    • La Chouffe

      8% ABV
      A quintessentially Belgian character, with spiced, bready notes, coriander and a touch of lemon, this world-class beer has a light refreshing nature. (Brewery Achouffe, Belgium)

    • Duvel

      8.5% ABV
      Duvel is a natural beer with a subtle bitterness, a refined flavour and a distinctive hop character. The unusually long brewing process, which takes about 90 days, guarantees a pure character and a delicate effervescence. (Duval Moortgat Brewery, Belgium)